7 years ago today the new Sundog office build began

7 years ago today the new sundog office build began The summer of 2006 was a very special time for our family and for Sundog Media. After working from a bedroom for about 6 months I was going nuts and I hatched a plan to tear the roof off my garage and build a new 500 sq.ft. office above it. The first 8 years of Sundog Media was spent in a detached garage that was converted with the help of my friend, Jeff Carlisle. So it only seemed fitting that this time “we’re movin’ on up” as The Jefferson’s theme song said, to a “deluxe office in the sky”. And that’s what what we did. As I write this, I can look out over the beauty of the Chugach Mountains, and walk out onto the back deck to listen to Chester Creek rush by.

The day we started the build there was actually fresh snow on the roof, yep – May 8th and fresh snow, sounds a lot like this spring! The project was really quite the undertaking and fortunately I was able to put together an amazing team to tackle the build. I first recruited Kevin Stickler while at a bible conference in Iowa and he was crazy enough to drive up and work with me for the summer. I also met Mike Allison who took a job with us as a graphic artist with the understanding that the first summer would be more of a construction job. God truly knew we needed more help and a couple of young men on an adventure from back east showed up at our church – basically homeless, living in a tent at the airport and looking for a job. So Calvin and Brad joined the team and started the next day. I remember getting home from church and telling Cathy, who had been unable to attend that day, “Hey guess what? I hired two homeless guys today at church and they start tomorrow and will be living in our back yard!”

We spent the next 3 months alternating between building the office and sharing adventures around Alaska, and that forged friendships that will last a lifetime. Besides my core group I had so many friends come by and help and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. I have a large picture frame on the way up to my office that has about 20 of the best photos of the summer just so that I can remember the experience and all those that were part of the journey. If you have a moment, please feel free to have a look through construction photos.

Happy May 8th to all and I hope your summer is as special as our was in 2006!

Joe Law