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March 2024 newsletter

March 2024 Newsletter

Are you neglecting the images on your website? Our Sundog team designs dozens of websites every year, and in our experience, many clients underestimate the value of great quality images – often providing old, small, or blurry photos that repeat throughout their pages, or they license stock photos that don’t enhance their brand or truly…

October newsletter

October Newsletter

October Message I know I shouldn’t complain about all the rain this summer but I was beginning to question the whole rainbow promise about not flooding the earth again! However, I’m thankful for having no forest fires and for the water – especially considering how much of the lower 48 would love to have some…

August newsletter

August Newsletter

Abundant Alaska! Where else in the world can you catch 110 sockeye salmon all in just 5 hours, while standing in the river with 5’ hooped gill nets, surrounded by epic scenery?  This year, we had the pleasure of dipnetting the Kasilof River with our 13-year-old triplets and some family friends. They loved it so…

Quality photos & videos – we’ve got options for you
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Quality Photos & Videos – We’ve Got Options For You

A great website requires great images! While updating your photos can be a great way to improve the look of your website and keep it current, securing high-resolution, quality photos and videos is often a challenge for our website customers. We love to use your own photos, since those really tell your story best, as…