Client Spotlights

We can’t cure puppies but our client can!

We Can’t Cure Puppies but our Client Can!

Our client, Dr. Nelson Priddy – Alaska Mobile Vet, takes his highly skilled veterinary surgical team to your local veterinarian, saving you and your pet the travel time. Visit Dr. Nelson Priddy on his Sundog-designed and managed WordPress site Alaska Mobile Vet to find his details about performing orthopedic, soft-tissue and neurosurgeries on veterinary patients.

We can’t give you a ph. D. But our client can!

We Can’t Give You a Ph.D. But Our Client Can!

We have been privileged to work with the folks at Alaska Pacific University for more than ten years! This incredible institution has a gargantuan website through which they provide a ton of information to visitors of all kinds – students, parents, visitors…you get the picture. Students at APU can receive undergraduate and graduate level degrees…

We can’t inspire fitness, but our client can!

We Can’t Inspire Fitness, But Our Client Can!

Have you met these awesome clients?  CrossFit Iron Refined in Eagle River, Alaska has made a welcoming and supportive place for everyone to get stronger, better, faster and meet those fitness goals we made back in January. Check out their site to learn about the CrossFit approach to fitness.  “We all started at a square…

We can’t design an amazing facility, but our customer can!

We Can’t Design an Amazing Facility, But our Customer Can!

The team at Architects Alaska articulates their vision well.  They are committed to “exceeding the expectations of its clients, achieving design excellence, improving Alaska’s communities, respecting the diverse Alaskan environment, and actively encouraging the professional development of its staff.”  Whether it is health care or housing, community or commercial – Architects Alaska has expertise and experience…

We can’t show you the world, but our client can!

We Can’t Show You the World, But Our Client Can!

If you love gorgeous photography – from either side of the camera – you will love the work and workshops of Tom Bol. While Tom Bol Photography showcases Tom’s photos from around the world, his blog and his workshops reveal the skill and science behind the aperture.  Travel for a hands-on lesson or browse the gallery from…

We don’t offer adventure, but our client does!

We Don’t Offer Adventure, But Our Client Does!

With first-hand knowledge, the Marlows on the Kenai are uniquely equipped to guide clients to the best sportfishing, birding, or photography adventure on the Kenai Peninsula.  If you are in the mood for comfy lodging and delicious food – they’ve got that covered, too. We are thankful for the opportunity to provide managed WordPress hosting…

We do not rebuild lives, but these fine folks can help

We Do Not Rebuild Lives, But These Fine Folks Can Help

  January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and with honor and respect to the victims of human trafficking and the folks reaching out to help them, we are pleased to share our client with you.  Lydia Discipleship Ministries provides resources for victims and advocates through their website which we have been entrusted with for nearly three…