Celebrating Kym Van Arsdale

Kym 3Please join us as we celebrate our very own Kym Van Arsdale and her well-earned recognition for Achievement in Business in Innovation and Technology. As a woman with a successful career in technology, Kym is a rare gem and a crucial member of our Sundog Team.

Kym joined Sundog Media in 2008 to solve the dilemma of work-life balance while raising young children. Sundog Media’s work-from-home, family-first policies have given her the ability to be home for her family, available for sick days, school field trips, endless drop-offs and pick-ups, and still pursue a career in the field she loves.

As Lead Developer for Sundog Media, Kym has had the opportunity to build hundreds of custom websites with a broad range of design and functionality. She has led Sundog Media’s development process through the evolution of websites over the last 11 years, from static HTML pages to content management systems, responsive design, changing search engine optimization algorithms, website accessibility requirements, compatibility with new and updated browsers, and an explosion of handheld devices.

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of online technology, Kym values the logical principle of Occam’s razor: “The simplest solution is always the best.” One of the most satisfying things she can do is find an elegant and effective solution to a complicated challenge.

A life-long Alaskan, Kym Van Arsdale graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2006 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her family and friends and working out at her local CrossFit gym.