Client Question: What’s the best way to contact the Sundog Team?

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I’ll start this article with the bottom line first: Whatever your concern, question, or request – we want to hear from you! You pay for a service from us and we really do want you to get your money’s worth. We work hard to take good care of your website and part of that care is having your back.
Sundog Media is a team of professionals who all have a wide range of abilities and unique specializations. During business hours, and often after hours, we are watching our BaseCamp feed to be sure we respond to any client comments, questions, and requests as soon as possible. We all take turns at what we call “Customer Support” although Rob will be who you usually hear from first.
If your request is not an emergency:
Simply post your request or question in BaseCamp and the customer support team will typically respond within an hour of that request with any clarifying questions, and often just tackle the request and let you know it was done.  Make sure you click the boxes at the bottom of your message box to send your message to either the whole team or a specific team member. Rob Anderson is our lead customer support team member and is typically the contact person so go ahead and always click on his name when you post the message/request.
Help! It’s an emergency!
Typically we are going to know about any serious problems with your website before you do. We have systems in place that monitor all your site’s important details, but for sure if you notice a downtime or an issue, simply post a new message in BaseCamp and click on the whole team to make sure we see it right away. We’re checking our emails regularly.
Can’t get into Basecamp?
You can always call our office line 907-338-1847 and your message gets forwarded via email to most of the team. One of us will start responding right away.
You can also always send a message to us from our Sundog Media Contact Us form. We will respond. Remember, whatever your concern, question, or request – we want to hear from you! 
Have a stellar week!