Cup o’ Joe with Joe

Cup o' joe with joeFirst off, let me just wish you a Happy New Year filled with love, laughter and success in your pursuits!

Usually I make a ton of New Years resolutions broken down into categories like spiritual, physical, business and so forth. This year I decided on just one resolution per category, and the one business resolution I made is simply to meet with each of my customers! We’ll enjoy a great cup of coffee together (my treat!) and learn how the team at Sundog Media can better serve your business & website needs.

I will be following up with each of you to see when you would like to meet and have that cup o’ Joe! If you’re ready now, by all means, just shoot me an email here!

My favorite coffee/meeting spot is Cafe Del Mundo on Northern Lights, but I’m glad to meet at your favorite spot or I can pick up coffee and swing by your office. Whichever way is convenient for you is okay by me, and for those of you not here in Anchorage, let’s be sure to talk and figure something out! Looking forward to meeting with you all!

Happy New Year!

Joe Law