Enjoying the Spring Fever!

The sundogLately these warm sunny days have been making it almost impossible for me not to get excited about another upcoming Alaskan summer! I find myself looking outside and my mind starts wandering, and then all of a sudden I find I’m planning family excursions and trips!

Our triplet boys are now 4 years old, which is hard to believe in and of itself, but they’ve also matured just enough since last year that I think we’ll be able to handle bigger and longer adventures this summer. Last year, for the first time in about a decade, we did not go boating. So our big goal this summer is to get the good ship, Sundog off the hard and into the water! Inspired by Sundog Media’s recent efforts to turn the Seldovia Native Associations website mobile friendly I have decided we will take our boat from Seward (where it’s currently resting and waiting for us on blocks) to Seldovia, a good 160 mile trip, where we will do our best to catch and eat as much halibut as we can, while also storing away plenty for winter.

I’m sure each of you are also getting excited as the warmer weather returns and I just want to wish you a wonderful spring and summer and I hope you all have excellent adventures of your own!

Be safe!

– Joe Law