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Have you ever wondered why some businesses appear on the right side of the screen when you do a search on Google? And, maybe you’ve also noticed that your own business is not showing on that precious screen real estate. Chances are you haven’t set up your Google My Business Listing.

We’ve got the answers to some questions you may be asking:

So…to begin with, what is a Google My Business Listing?

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Long story short, it’s a business directory listing (remember the old yellow pages? If you are a millennial or younger, just ignore!), except it’s on Google, and it’s free!

How can you find out if your business is listed?

Easy. Google it! If it displays your information on the right side, you’re listed. Also, type a keyword to do a general search for your business and you should see google map box that highlights about three businesses. If you don’t see yours, click on “More Businesses”. If you have added your google listing, you will see your company even if you have to scroll to find it.

See examples here (click to enlarge):

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Should you have a Google My Business Profile?

Uhm. Yes! There are tons of advantages.

  • First, your business will show on Google Searches and Maps so your customers will know that you are legit.
  • Second, it will give your customers enough information to choose between your business or your competitor.
  • Third, you’ll be able to showcase some of your greatest features at a glance.
  • Lastly, Google My Business listing potentially improves the organic ranking of your Website, and who doesn’t want to rank higher on Google?

Now the main question. If you don’t see your business, how in the world do you make sure it’s listed?

Ok!! this is also simple. You need to create Google My Business Profile. Here are the steps:

Google My Business

But wait… what if you are listed, but the info you see is messed up?

Maybe your business changed locations, or a phone number, or your listing shows photos that are ancient. You can easily update the information. See:

Update Google My Business

See? Not rocket science, and it will make a difference when your current and prospective clients are looking for your awesome products and services. If you are a Sundog Client and would like assistance setting up Google My Business, just send us a note! And if you’d like to be a Sundog client, contact us to get started! We’d love to hear from you.