Happy New Year!

Joe & cathy's first year in ak, 1996
Joe & Cathy’s first year in AK, 1996

It’s hard to believe that this is our 16th year in business in Alaska. 16 years ago I never imagined the road ahead for Cathy and I when we decided to leave behind the comfort of our newly built home, Cathy’s state job and set out on an adventure that led to Alaska. If I could have looked into the future then and seen the challenges, the joys and the laughter of 5 boys, three of them triplets – well let’s just say that some things are better to find out as they happen! The unknown is what makes the journey exciting, right? With 2012 upon us and assuming the Mayans are wrong and we have more than a year left it is really time to be looking forward to the future, to dreams, to goals and yes even to resolutions.

This time of year I always like to take a little time out and write out my goals for the year. I break my goals down into categories like spiritual, family, health & business and under each of these categories I write down a handful of my biggest goals or resolutions for the year. Since this is a business newsletter I won’t bore you with my personal resolutions like, “get a 6 pack (and no, not beer)” but in case you are on the fence whether you should pen out some goals or resolutions for the year I thought I would share a few of Sundog Media’s to give you some ideas.

I know this sounds a little cliché– but really – we want every website we do to absolutely ROCK! Our whole team is working to stretch and grow our abilities so that we can truly design, build, support and host brilliant custom WordPress websites. In fact this year we are going to be very selective in our project selection process with the goal of only taking projects that we can truly excel at and that also allow us to use all of our strengths fully. We are determined that every website project we work on in 2012 will be brilliant! We are going to strive to be GREAT versus striving to be BIG. Part of the process will be to limit the amount of projects we undertake so that we can pour our hearts, passion and energy into the projects at hand.

After years of trying many Content Management Systems we have thrown all our eggs in one basket with WordPress and are very excited about working towards being the premier WordPress studio in Alaska. We will be actively working with all our non WordPress customers throughout the year to convert their sites to WordPress if they choose. We recently wrote an article on why we love WordPress and if you have not had a chance to read it please click here. We are really excited to see our efforts on specializing with WordPress translating into a great product and solution for our customers and we look forward in this next year to continue to excel using this CMS and all of the great plugins and features that it allows.

All small businesses struggle with when to hire, how many people to hire, and should they hire; all with the goal of striking a balance between serving customers well and maintaining profitability. Our goal is to grow our team and our services slowly, carefully and in a way that we can continue to improve upon our great service and products. We are also determined this year to set excellent expectations and as much as possible over-deliver.

Although not a new goal, one of our standing goals is to simply create more “LIFE” for everyone who comes in contact with the business and the people who make it what it is.

Thanks for letting me share a few of our goals for the year.  And, on behalf of the Sundog Media team, I want to wish you and your families a blessed New Year!

Joe Law