I Traded a Website for My Son’s Delivery

My oldest Caleb turns 15 today and I have to wonder, where did all that time go? He was such a small little baby with the most beautiful wispy blond hair (once it came in) and now he towers over his mom and is an amazing young man. Before he was born, we were looking for a midwife and met a really nice gal who just happened to need a website. We worked out a deal and Caleb’s birth cost me one beautiful website. As other parents will understand, I tend to tell time now around the age of my children; things like, that was pre-children, or that was when Caleb was five or the triplets were two. Let’s face it, life tends to orbit around these little monsters/blessings and that is just fine with me. After all, family is one of the biggest reasons we work and five beautiful boys to raise is a daily incentive to work hard and provide the best customer service I possibly can for my customers.

A lot has changed with the business of web design over the last 15 years and I can’t help but reflect on all the wonderful Alaskan companies I have been blessed to work with and continue to serve. As most of you know, I am blessed to work from home; in fact, our whole team works from their homes. I just wanted to take a moment to thank all our customers for trusting Sundog with their business and for the opportunity it gives me and my team to find the right mix between our careers and our families.

Having started in 1996, this fall will be our 20th year serving Alaskans. I am excited to be looking forward in this new year to see where things are headed and how our experience can benefit our customers along the way.

Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday Caleb!

Joe Law