I’m an Attorney now, right?

“I’ve read all of John Grisham’s novels, I’ve watched every episode of Boston Legal and now I’m certainly qualified to be an attorney, right? Right?”

Yep. You’re an attorney. Just like anyone who’s ever watched NASCAR is qualified to be a race car driver, or someone who’s watched House or Grey’s Anatomy can claim to be a surgeon.

Totally absurd, yes? Of course it is.

But, during my 13 years of being in the web design profession, at least once a week a non-web professional tells me how to go about doing my job. I’m told how to do things because someone “…read this article” or someone “…went to this 1 hour seminar” or “I’ve got a copy of Adobe Photoshop so that means I know how to create a web site.” Well that’s like saying, “I’ve got a box of crayons so I’m an artist now!” Good, knock yourself out, Picasso.

Hp6 12 03hHere’s the thing. If I need legal advice I trust that my attorney will steer me in the right direction. It’s in her best interest to help me…I’ve paid her and she wants me to come back and use her services again. She’ll take the time to listen to me and my legal needs, and then she’ll do everything in her power to advise me on the best course of action, how to go about doing it, how long it should take and how much money it’s ultimately going to cost me.

That’s exactly what we do for our customers at Sundog Media.

But some of our customers have a tendency to have really, really forceful and demanding opinions (you know who ya are, we still love ya though) and so we spend a great deal of time having “discussions” about the proper way to do something. Sometimes we will bang our heads against our desks in private and then acquiesce. Other times we will flat out refuse. But we do take the time to listen and we do our utmost to respect our customers opinions, we wouldn’t be professionals if we didn’t.

Take a moment and read this article for me, “If an Architect had to work like a Web Programmer“. This article has been around for quite some time, not really sure who wrote it, but as web professionals we think it’s not only hilarious…but it’s also very, very true.

So the next time you have a chat with us or anyone else in the wonderful world of web professionals, do us a small courtesy, respect the fact that we know what we’re doing, why would you be paying for our services otherwise? And if at all possible, we’d like a hug.