It’s the Latest Trend!

…Don’t be afraid, it’s not the return of Chia Pets.

Ugh. I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the phrase, “it’s the latest trend!” I tend to cringe, avert my eyes and move on to something else. I’ve never been a trend-setter, I’ve never followed the latest trends, and if someone ever called me “trendy” I’d probably get arrested for verbal assault.

However. I have to admit, sometimes trends can turn into the ordinary and commonplace, and prove to be a benefit over time.

Back in the mid-80s when I was in high school/college (yeah, I know I’m old, shud up and get back to reading) a lot of my more affluent, i.e., spoiled, friends had Apple IIe’s or Atari 800 computers. It was pretty trendy to have your own computer (I still had my faithful Royal manual typewriter.) and we all wanted one of our very own. Who knew that one day those trendy and expensive things would become so ordinary and commonplace that they’d reshape the world as we know it.

It's the latest trend!Well, there is a trend I wanna write about and it’s called, Social Networking. Undoubtedly you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you haven’t heard that exact phrase, but I’m sure you’ve heard of, “Blogging,” “MySpace,” “Twitter,” “Facebook,” “Delicious” and tons of others. These sites and their social networking abilities are now a daily way of life for millions of people to share and connect with each other on-line. And, this “trend” is growing rapidly! Which is great news for you and your website, because you too can be a part of it with very little effort! All you need to do is allow your website and its content to be “shared”.

Let’s look at an example…which coincidentally appears right at the bottom left of this blog article. It’s that little graphic with the word “Share” on it. Just click on it and see what pops up. Notice that you can add it into a ton of the most popular social networking sites – just with the click of a button.

Now, think about your website’s content, and its potential for connecting not only with your visitors, but with their friends, families and colleagues. For example, say you’ve written an important news article or an event for your website. Well, all you need on your site is this same “Sharing” system I’m using here. A visitor comes along to your site, reads the article, clicks on the sharing graphic and places it into their own personal social network. Voilà! You’re article or event has just been shared! It’s instant word-of-mouth.

Yep, I hear ya…”I wanna start sharing NOW! How do I get this system into my website?” Well, it’s really easy, just contact your Sundog Media Account Manager or Sales Rep, and they’ll tell ya all about it, and you’ll be sharing in no time.

Who knew it would be so trendy to share? Makes me feel warm all over…