New Sundog Website

New sundog website

As the saying goes “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”, and it has been well over two years since we’ve had a fresh website. We’ve been kept busy designing and building sites for our amazing customers.

We are proud to announce our new website and invite you to have a look around. Please let us know if you see anything amiss as it usually takes a little while to break in a brand new website. I would really appreciate any feedback.



One of the more important items about our new website is its mobile-friendly via responsive design.  Learn a little more at –



Https / ssl / secure

You can’t have enough security. With Google now saying they will rank sites higher that have the “https”, we decided to go ahead and add this new level of security to our site. We are now offering this to current customers, and will be doing it par for the course for brand new sites in 2016.  If you want to know more about making your site secure please do contact us.




The Genesis framework we use for all our sites has recently put a lot of effort into offering more accessible options. We are working to add these features into our new website. – techie minded folks can read more –


  • The new site is much wider to accommodate larger modern monitors with higher resolutions.
  • My focus with the site was our team: the work we do and the great Alaskan companies we do it for.
  • The main message on the home page “Alaska’s Web Design Team” is not only the truth but written in this way to help with search engine rankings.  After all we want to be found when someone googles something like “Anchorage Alaska Web Design”.
  • We went with a much flatter design with more solid, rich, and vibrant colors with a goal of showing our professional and friendly approach.
  • We went with only one contact form this time to keep things simple.
  • We used way less text. Let’s face it, folks are reading less and usually brevity is best.
Speaking of less text, this is likely a good spot for me to stop talking and thank you for reading this far.  Please do take a look at our new site. We hope you will love it and we welcome any feedback.
Joe Law