Kodiak area native association

Kodiak Area Native Association

In November of 1966, ten individuals signed Articles of Incorporation for KANA with intent to form an organization to ensure representation and leadership to protect their natural resources, their people, and the Sugpiaq Alutiiq way of life.  Today, the Kodiak Area Native Association – KANA – has grown to serve the Kodiak area, with offices…

Alaska medical clinics

Alaska Medical Clinics

The friendly staff members at Alaska Medical Clinics provide the Anchorage and Wasilla areas with the convenience of both preventative and acute outpatient medical care in their clinics! Our Sundog team had a fantastic time working with their team to combine their two older websites into a single, fresh, and new website that serves both…

Out patient at home llc

Out Patient at Home LLC

The Sundog Media crew is happy to welcome Out Patient at Home LLC to our Sundog harbor! Every now and then we take on the unique project of migrating an existing website to our hosting servers, giving it a little love (like a nice new Hero Slider, some great layouts with their existing content, and…

Jamhi health & wellness, inc

JAMHI Health & Wellness, Inc

Juneau Alliance for Mental Health, Inc. (JAHMI) provides a broad array of assistance for their surrounding community, from housing assistance to mental health and primary physical health care for folks in need. When their team was ready for a website update to a fresh new look and more functionality, we were ready to help! JAMHI’s…

Fireweed health care, inc.

Fireweed Health Care, Inc.

Fireweed Health Care, Inc. provides care and support for folks living with chronic illnesses. We were happy to build a new website for the providers and their patients that would make their services and information more easily accessible to everyone. This website provides information for learning and finding their clinic, as well as a great…

Borealis heart specialists

Borealis Heart Specialists

Borealis Heart Specialists have made it their mission to improve the lives of people in Alaska through a combination of compassion, modern technology, patient-centered choice, and a personalized touch. We are honored to be a part of that mission by creating a mobile-friendly, beautiful and functional website that showcases their special services – a bilingual,…

Alaska urology

Alaska Urology

Alaska Urology brings high-level care combined with state-of-the-art technology to provide urological health care for men, women, and children across Alaska. Sundog Media created a website with patient access to a wide variety of patient resources, downloadable forms, and portal access.

Valley medical care

Valley Medical Care

Valley Medical Care is a full spectrum family medicine practice in Juneau, Alaska.  They provide a wide range of medical care services, emphasizing disease prevention, and healthy lifestyle promotion. Their site is packed with great information for patients at every stage of care. We had a wonderful time working with the team at Valley Medica…