Kawerak Bering Strait Business Directory

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When Kawerak, Inc. decided to sponsor a website with the goal to create an online business directory to the network between the residents of the Bering Strait Region, local businesses, and community organizations, they went big! This website makes it easy to find businesses in the Bering Strait Region – giving visitors and citizens alike the ability to sort based on location or type of business they are looking for. Business owners can use the website as a resource to find ways to build their business as well as promote it.

The hope of Kawerak, Inc. is that this will lead to increased commerce, health, and social outcomes that will spur economic growth and resiliency. The site is beautiful, informative, and really easy to use. We had so much fun building it!

Alice Tunuunataq Bioff, Business Planning Specialist
Alice Tunuunataq Bioff, Business Planning Specialist