Screenshots, Screen Grabs & and Snap Shots – Helping us see what you see!

How do you make a screen shot?“Uh-oh, this doesn’t look right…”
Well, send us a screenshot so we can see what might be wrong.
“Terrific! I’ll do that…just one problem.”
What’s that?
“How do you make a screen shot?”

This is a conversation we have at least a couple of times a week.

During the back and forth of the design process or perhaps during routine management a website can, and often does, look different to different people. This is caused mainly by the plethora of computer devices we all routinely use to access the internet. So if something “doesn’t look right” to you but does to us, we need to see a screenshot of what you see so we can ascertain and quickly fix the problem!

Which brings us back to helping you actually create a screenshot, screen grab or snap shot (all terms that mean pretty much the same exact thing)! And don’t be alarmed by all of the links from eHow Tech (a great online resource for a variety of tech answers) below. We just wanted to provide a variety of options for you depending on your computer system, so pick the link that looks right for you!

  • How to Save a Screenshot of a Web Page on a PC
    (Note: In #4 of the instructions where it refers to “Open Paint” you don’t actually have to use the Paint program, you can open up a message in Basecamp, an email, a Word doc, etc. and then follow what it says in #5.)

If you find yourself really enjoying taking screenshots and want to take them a bit further there are a lot of applications available that will take screenshots for you. For instance, our own Joe Law uses a MAC application called, Little Snapper and I use an add-on for the Firefox browser called, FireShot, so we’re sure there’s something out there for you that’s just a search engine search away!

So the next time you see something that doesn’t look right – tell us all about it and send us a screenshot – we’ll get it sorted out!