We really want you to keep your website content up to date! In fact, Google loves seeing fresh content as do your customers. Our goal with content maintenance plans is to make it very easy for you to request updates and know that they will get done fast and professionally.


To be clear, an update request is a single list of content changes you’d like us to make on your website. To better explain what constitutes an update request, and to give some great ideas on how to improve your own website, here are some samples of update requests.

Our team is just one quick BaseCamp message away! We look forward to completing your update requests.

Update Request Examples

Here are some hypothetical examples as well as some inspiration for things you can (and should) be doing with your website. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Hi Monica– We had a new video produced and it is up at now. Can you please embed this video on both our Home page and the Videos page? Thanks, you guys rock!

Hi Team – Attached are 3 new photos to be added to my home page slide show. It’s time to freshen this up a bit. While you are in there, please remove the one photo of the eagle.

Hi Jeni – I have attached a Word document with text updates for several of our pages that are now outdated. No hurry, just sometime this week would be great.

Good day, Monica– We just had a brand new logo designed and want to replace the old worn out one on our website. I have attached the various versions our graphic artist gave me. Can you do your magic and add in the new logo? Thanks so much!

Good morning, Joe – We just hired a massage therapist so need to add a button and a page under our services called “Massage Therapy”. I have posted the content (see below) for the page and have attached a great photo to place on the page. Once you’re done, I’ve set aside a credit for you ~ come get a free massage.

Derrick – We need a pop up window that allows us to announce when a polar bear is loose on our campus – can you help us come up with a good system that we can update in-house? (Ilisagvik College uses this.)

Jeni – We need to post an opening for a new employee. Our website has been so successful we just can’t keep up with the team we have. Below is the full job description and who we would like you to have the application sent to. Thanks to you and the Sundog team.

Cathy – Please give me a buzz or loom video explaining how to update the text on our site. I seem to have forgotten. Sometime in the next couple of days works great; just let me know some times that might work.

Hi All! – I was looking at my site on Mac Safari on the latest version and my contact page looked a little wonky – please have a look and fix it for us. I have attached a screenshot and outlined the browser and version for you as well. Thanks so much for taking a look.

Hey, Jeni – I was hoping you could change the email our contact form goes to, so I receive it as well? Thanks so much.

Hi Sundoggers! Can you please link to our Flickr slide show from our ‘About Us’ page? Here’s a link.

Hi Joe – Can you set up a contact us page on our site so we can direct fishermen to further specifics? I’d like to know how many are in their party, what dates they prefer, if they want sack lunch provided, which of our boats they prefer, 2 phone numbers, address, email. That sort of thing. Thanks!

Cathy– We’re in a bit of a bind. Could you please update our Salmon Trips available page to show we’re booked through June this year and change the contact us form to note that as well?

Joe – I just wrote up this great post for our lodge and I just don’t have time to post it myself. Can your team get this up on my site? I have also attached a couple of photos and a short video link to embed on the page. Just shoot me a link to look at once you have it in place so I can review. And, when are you going to get that family of yours out here?!

Jeni – Please add this testimonial to our testimonials page and add a photo they took on their trip with it. Thanks.

Hi Team – Please tell me how to do this in WordPress. Adding and sizing the photo is more technical than my expertise. Thanks.

Hello Jeni – We finally got on the ball and setup FaceBook and Twitter accounts! (I have attached the URL’s below) Can you please go ahead and figure out a good place to put these social network icons on our site. And, by the way, be sure and like us as well.

Hi again! I really like how you set up the gallery on your office page. Can we have a new page called Gallery to the left of our “Contact Us” button and have it include our photos? Here’s a link to our Dropbox with those photos for you.

Derrick – Can you add/embed a Google map to our location so that it is easier for our customers to find our location?

Hey Joe – You remember the copy of our logo we sent you early last last week for our site design? Could you please email it to Cindy? Her computer crashed and she needs it for her email signatures.

Jeni – Would you please change the text on the various pages of our site as noted in the attached word doc and let me know when it’s complete? Thanks! PS – Feel free to correct spelling and grammar! : )



Request: Hi Joe, we want to redesign our site.
Response: Awesome! A new redesign is a lot bigger project than an update request. Let’s meet up and put a plan together.

Request: Hi Monica! We took 3000 photos this summer and wonder if you could add these to our Flickr account.
Response: Wow, that is a lot of photos. Adding that many photos would increase the level of your content maintenance plan. Would you like to have a loom or 1/2 hour training on how to upload these photos so that you can easily tackle this yourself or increase the level to include the more time consuming updates such as these?

Request: Hey there, I hear the new thing is responsive design. Please go ahead and make our site responsive.
Response: We would love to make your site mobile friendly through responsive design! Since that’s pretty complicated, this is a request that would require a little more details and falls under your content maintenance plan. Let me review and get back to you with a proposal for this.

Request: Hi, We decided to start selling t-shirts and have 10 ready to put on our site for sale! Please get these up and running.
Response: My size is XL but I usually like XXL (it’s so much more comfortable!) We would love to help you with this project. Setting up an e-commerce system and adding 10 new products would be a new project ~ not part of your Website Service Plan but we do have several options on how to approach this. Let’s schedule a time to chat by phone and get you a proposal.

Request: Hi Joe, I would love a new logo that has a polar bear with a mountain in the background to replace my old logo.
Response: We actually don’t do logos, but I can refer you to a couple of great logo/graphic artists that will kick butt on a project like this. FYI, most graphic design type projects fall outside of the maintenance plans.

Request: Hi Cathy, We need a new email address set up for our newest team member, Krista.
Response: Unfortunately, we do not provide email hosting or service. I suggest email from Google which is what we use as a company or you might consider Microsoft 365.

Request: Hi, Someone called me and complained I hadn’t responded to their email. I looked and I didn’t receive any email from them. Any idea why?
Response: I’m sorry about that John but we do not provide email hosting or services. Your recent website form submissions have been sent to the ____ email again. If that needs to be updated or changed, please let us know. There are so many variables that could be causing this… but here are a few things you might try: search your spam or trash folders. Check if you have a filter set up that stopped it. Talk to your email hosting service. (IntoDNS might help you find out where your MX (email) records are routing if you don’t know where your email is hosted.)

Request: Hi Monica, Can you please use our logo from the site and put it on Letterhead and create a business card for our new employee Jenny Jones?
Response: I would love to help you with this, but Sundog Media only does Website design, development, hosting, site and domain management. You’d be better served with a graphic design or print company.

Request: Hi Jeni, Please take the photos and text from our products page and set up an e-commerce page where we can upload more products. It’ll need to let people purchase more than 1 item at a time and can use USPS shipping rates. The money should go directly to our PayPal account.
Response: Hi Lynda. We’d love to discuss setting up your e-commerce but that is a lot bigger project than an update request. Why don’t we meet/chat and put a plan together. I have time at 2:00 Thursday if you’d like to discuss what you have in mind.

Request: Hi Sundogs, Can you stop by the office and take a few photos of our office and staff this next week sometime? We’d like to update the photos on our website.
Response: Hi Pat, Photography services are not part of Sundog’s website services but I can refer you to a professional photographer who could give you a bid for the work. Here’s a link to Sundog’s photography recommendations.

Hope this helped you better understand how to make the most of your content maintenance plan! Please let us know if you have questions – we’re happy to help!