Sundogs find adventure becoming Muddogs for a day!

Sundogs find adventure becoming muddogs for a day!This past weekend a few of us Sundogs had an opportunity to get muddy together participating in the first ever MUD FACTOR here in Alaska. With over 6,000 folks tackling this 5K mud/obstacle course it was full of energy and excitement! Like most Alaskan’s, I’m just so excited to have some sunny and warm weather! I especially enjoy the problem of trying to plan for more adventures that’ll take full advantage of this blessed daylight and warmth.

Our preferred summer time adventures involve our old ship the SUNDOG and we recently launched the old girl and now she’s tied-up in the harbor in Seward awaiting to take us on some great summer adventures.

So to all of you who are enjoying your own summer time adventures, I just want to say, be safe, have fun and remember it’s always good to play in the dirt!


Joe Law