Cathy Law

Director of Customer Support & Finance

Our Sundog Extrovert, Owner & Co-Founder, Cathy leverages her Accounting degree and is our Customer Support Lead. You can read Cathy’s story below.

Cathy with shrimp out on the water
“The truth is that a stupidity, even after having passed through a million mouths, does not become less foolish.”

– J. A. Schmit

Co-Founded Sundog Media in Nov 1996 – Joe and I met at University of Idaho and dreamed one day we’d own a business where I was the accounting right hand gal and he was the artist dreamer/director. In 1996, we moved to Anchorage, Alaska and Joe started our graphic design business. By day, I worked in my degreed profession as a full time auditor for Mikunda, Cottrell and Co. CPAs. By night, when I was not out of town auditing some business in a remote Alaskan village, I was working beside Joe, supporting his talents with mine. I learned the basics of design, typesetting, and whatever was necessary to support Joe’s design skills. In 1998, we added website design, development, domain management and hosting to our services and I started working full time at Sundog.

Filling in wherever needed, my role has varied greatly over the years. Currently I concentrate on accounting and whatever our customer support team needs in the form of assistance. I feel blessed we’ve had the opportunity to put together a talented, technical, detail-oriented team and can provide such specialized service to our clients. 

After 6 years of marriage and Idaho living, Joe and I realized we needed a life change. We were stagnating spiritually and not doing so well with financial decisions either. So, we sold most our belongings, vehicles and our newly built home and purchased a truck, travel trailer and tons of cold weather gear. I quit my job with the Washington State Auditor’s Office and we headed north – with a quick stop at Mt. Rainier to do a winter climbing weekend on the way, just for kicks. We were on the adventure of a lifetime. Or so it felt. 😉

It took a short 5 days to arrive in Tok, Alaska where my adventure-loving husband deserted me! I couldn’t believe he’d bring me all the way to Alaska and then desert me! But he did! Didn’t he know that in Alaska, the men outnumber the women by far and he would have a hard time getting another one to come up here?! Seriously! He sent me into the store to purchase some food and supplies while he ‘pumped gas’ into our F250. When I came out, he and our 52+ foot long truck and trailer were nowhere to be seen. Honestly! He had disappeared! I couldn’t believe it. I was wandering around looking so lost that a policeman kindly asked me if he could help. Still in shock, I explained Joe had disappeared while I shopped. Now, I know I love shopping but I hadn’t been gone that long! How could such a large vehicle disappear? In Tok?!! You do know there is only one street in Tok, right?! Ok, maybe not. 🙂 After a very long search, during which the gas station cashier verified 3 times that Joe truly had paid and driven off without me, we discovered he’d driven around behind the gas station to fill up propane… Yep, that’s life with my husband…. full of excitement.

We had resolved not to look in a newspaper to prevent ourselves from looking for a job right away. That plan lasted until Joe sat down with his first cup of coffee in a small Palmer cafe our 2nd day in Alaska. He couldn’t resist looking and within a week he was flying in a 2-person helicopter to the Talaheim River where he would spend a summer as a fishing guide on a remote Alaskan river, and I would cook and clean the lodge’s cabins. The story continues with many more unanticipated adventures, which are detailed in photos we love to share. Basically, it’s my pleasure to be an Alaskan and raise our children here. I love how nothing is predictable except people, and even they aren’t when they’re Alaskans.

I play a LOT of racquetball and truly enjoy beach combing in Prince William Sound. Shrimping, catching big fish, building campfires on shore, ‘treasure’ hunting, skipping rocks, and viewing sea and animal life from our boat all come with the added bonus of stocking up my freezer! Having 5 boys means we need a LOT of food and having grown up on a small farm, I love harvesting anything: berries, apples, fruit, fish, big game. Baking and canning things that we’ve harvested gives me great pleasure. Please don’t ask me to cook on the stove, though. Stove-top cooking requires more multi-tasking and constant attention than I have the patience for. Just ask Joe, one of our 5 boys, or practically anyone that has been to our home! 😉

If I have any additional spare time, I sell doTERRA Essential Oils. I love doTERRA oils are pure, have testing to prove it, are all natural and cost effective treatments for so many ailments. I enjoy researching and mix up EO into natural home remedies that can help build the immune systems or relieve the physical pains of friends and family. I love to spend time with my boys, talk with friends and read the Bible. I spend a lot of time in prayer and enjoy most people. I’m energized by talking with others, family, church and our business. My in-person socializing and social media time can be excessive, much to Joe’s chagrin. I’m a high functioning extrovert whereas he is a high functioning introvert.

My father always said I’d be a good accountant but I use a calculator a lot to verify my mental math! Dad believed and always said I was good with numbers so I attended the University of Idaho and graduated with a BS in Business; Accounting Major. After college, I worked for a school district, several dentist offices, the Washington State Auditors, Alaska’s Talaheim Lodge, Mikunda, Cottrell & Co. CPAs and finally full-time with my husband at Sundog Media. Joe and I work well together and continue to build Sundog Media LLC, play racquetball often, and love on our family.

I am inspired by God’s creation, Joe and his energy, creativity and adventure, my father’s Biblical knowledge, my mother, the Bible, my children, our church family and making friends.