Costa Caruso

Lead Developer / Server Admin

When websites need solutions, Costa is on our speed dial! His technical expertise and ability to trouble-shoot anything is nothing short of astounding. Read more below about our Canadian team member who keeps us all sane.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”

– Jim Rohn

Part of the Sundog team since March 2021 – While browsing on Facebook one day I came across a post by this guy named Joe. He was looking for website development help so I contacted him and …  I’ve been here ever since. I feel blessed to have found this great team with its awesome work culture and family values.

I’ve never been to Alaska but from the pictures I’ve seen posted in our team chat it looks amazing. Those vast landscapes are just so relaxing and humbling. Definitely on the “to visit someday” list.

For fun I tinker with coding projects and play video games. I also love movies, especially older movies — it’s fascinating how they are a window into society during the time period in which the movie was made. For example, before the 60s a movie could not show a toilet bowl on screen … they could show people getting shot (or worse) without issue, but a toilet bowl was a big no-no — go figure. (Yes, I’m fascinated by the dumbest minutiae!) I also have this useless super power where I can guess fairly accurately a movie’s release date by looking at the movie cover or poster.

And, of course, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and we especially love hosting our nieces/nephews for sleepovers. And fun fact: I have a pet turtle that is almost 25 years old.

When I was 13 I took my first computer class and while I had seen and used computers before, this was the first time I had a chance to write a program. When I saw how I could write a program once and have it run by itself an infinite number of times, it was a mind-blowing moment. I knew right there what I was going to do for the rest of my life. It felt like magic that I, by myself,  could create something that could do useful stuff without any further effort by me, for years. I imagined having my own little army of robot servants doing my chores while I sleep. It still feels like magic today and I feel blessed to be able to do something I love as a “job”.

My inspiration comes from my grandparents that immigrated to Canada (from Italy) with 3 kids, scant resources, barely any employable skills, without speaking the native language, and yet built a great life for their families. The courage, sacrifice and perseverance needed in those circumstances is what drives me and reminds me to be grateful for all that I have.