The Epic 2018 Sundog Team Reunion!

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What has 7 team members, 7 spouses, 14 kids, and unlimited cheesy riddles? The 2018 Sundog Team and Family Reunion, of course. Our leaders Kym, Cathy & Joe gathered all of us along with our families to connect face-to-face at our base in Anchorage, Alaska.

After 8 years on the Sundog Media team, I was thrilled to meet my fellow team members in person! As you know, we all work from home offices. Most team members, including our fearless leaders Joe and Cathy, live in and around Anchorage, Alaska. Two of us work thousands of miles away – in Colorado and Idaho. Our team interacts all day in real time on Slack, we talk on the phone and interact with our clients inside their projects on Basecamp. But we don’t share a common space or see each other in meetings.

Our families from out of town had great opportunities to enjoy many of the adventures Alaska has to offer. Paul Davidson took his family and mine on a bicycle tour of Anchorage.

Img 0537
Paul and Lily get ready to bike the green belt.

It was incredible! (No wonder they call it the green belt.)

Img 0289 e1534525945279
Greenbelt by bicycle – pc Lily Leidenfrost

Joe went the extra mile, literally, by taking our family fishing on the Kenai. We learned how to fish for reds and experienced “combat fishing”. We loved it. (And yes, I really am that short – and I wear sweaters when everyone else is in t-shirts.)

Img 0573

The highlight of the trip happened at Kym’s place. All of the team members and our families gathered at the Van Arsdale home to enjoy astounding food prepared by Kym’s husband, Mark, and share specialty dishes from the rest of the Alaska team.

Img 0551
Joe, Rob, and Jeni hang out with Jeni’s daughter and Shannon’s son – getting in on a good story.

We loved hearing stories told in person and discovered every member of the team is very genuine. Their families are interesting and engaging. We all love our jobs and have forged great friendships despite the distance.

Img 0553
Shannon, Paul, and Kym share the deck with Shannon’s husband and Rob’s wife.

It wasn’t all about the group. The small conversations really made the difference.

Img 0568 e1534525930521
Paul and his wife Mary chat with Joe.

We all love to eat, laugh, learn new things, and tell stories. And our awesome clients and projects keep bringing us back together every day. Another reason for us to be very grateful for every one of our amazing clients.

Meet the whole Sundog Team, including this guy!

Img 0311 e1534525894169
Rob Anderson, Lead Account Mgr.