The Joy of WordPress Plugins, With a Small Word of Caution

The joy of wordpress pluginsWordPress plugins are terrific. They allow us, your website developer, to extend your website in a myriad of fun and exciting ways. From publishing your latest social media and blog efforts to having email forms and content that is dynamic and easy to use.

For those of you who are hosting your WordPress site with us, you know that we are continually maintaining and upgrading the plugins within your site. Because we are responsible for this aspect of your site, we take great care when upgrading any of the plugins we’ve installed. This means that we check out the plugins thoroughly, we make sure that the upgrade is necessary and will work with your current version of WordPress and that there aren’t any reported “bugs” that would impact your site in any way.

There are a plethora of WordPress plugins available. Have a look, and see for yourself. There are literally thousands of them that are free, and there’s a few that only cost a few dollars to use. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, it is. But one of the things we can’t stress enough to you is…whatever you do…DO NOT INSTALL A PLUGIN ON YOUR OWN!

While all of these plugins are fun to look at and read through and think about, it is entirely possible that some of them can conflict with not only other plugins that are in your site, but they can sometimes conflict with your site as well! And that can have serious repercussions! Imagine if you will, you find a great plugin, you install it, thinking that all is well, and the next thing you know your site is down and offline! Uh-oh. And then, because it’s not a plugin that we approved or installed, you will have to contact us to fix it for you and then we’ll have to charge you for our time.

So please feel free to say to your Account Manager, “Hey Account Manager, I saw this great plugin over here – [insert link to the plugin you like] and I’d love to have that installed and working on my website, what do you think?” Your Account Manager will spring into action, check out the plugin in question, and then let you know if it’s viable, doable, or if there is something else that would do the trick for you even better!

Because as this cliche so aptly puts it – “Better safe, then sorry.”

Thanks from your Sundog Media Team