We Can Not Scan Your Brain, But Our Customer Can!

Sdm imag article

Imaging Associates is scanning brains and so much more for patients from all over Alaska. They serve their patients well by offering same-day appointments, a relaxing environment, and an excellent team of specialists who can get results to your doctor fast!  Imaging Associates works with patients in all stages of need including preventative and diagnostic imaging for breast or prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and so much more. Imaging Associates also offers pain intervention care and migraine treatment.

In support of Prostate Cancer Awareness month, Imaging Associates is a proud sponsor of the Alaska Men’s Run, taking place in July this year.

This team really is working hard to take care of their patients and the providers who work with them with top-quality diagnostics and deeply compassionate care.  Find their offices in Anchorage and Mat-Su, or check them out online at their website, imagingak.com.

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