Why We Love WordPress!

Why we love wordpress!Some people only drive Ford’s while others prefer to drive Toyota’s or Chevy’s. So after driving around in our fair share of Content Management Systems, it’s finally official, we’ve become die-hard WordPress converts. We have become such fans in fact, that by the end of 2012 we will no longer be driving any other CMS! For our customers who have given us their blessing, we will be pulling their non-WordPress motors out of their websites and we’ll be re-powering them with a brand new, off the showroom floor, WordPress engine. Ah, we love that new WordPress smell!

Of course, much like deciding what type of vehicle to buy, the decisions you make are personal and subjective. Well, we thought we would do our best to share some of the main reasons why we love WordPress. And if you’re a customer who currently isn’t using WordPress these reasons will hopefully plant a seed within you to take this wonderful CMS out for a spin!

Here Goes:

  • Let’s start with what a CMS is. It’s software that allows you to create and manage your websites’ content with relative ease. From simple text and photos, to music, video and documents, you’ll be in control and able to manage all of that with a CMS installed in your website. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. If you can use a program like Microsoft Word you can use this editor. There is a great tutorial website called, WP101 that we always recommend to our customers. Plus, if needed, we are more than happy to provide hourly training for our customers as well.
  • Ease of use has to be at the top of the list. We find that with very little time at all our customers are racing around the proverbial track adding posts, pages, photos and regular updates to their website. That is the goal of all Content Management Systems but WordPress wins the race in our estimation in terms of simple and clean user administration.
  • WordPress is an open source solution that has a robust community of enthusiastic developers. They are continually improving both the functionality of the software as well as the security. And usually, with just the push of a button, you can upgrade to the latest version as soon as it’s released.
  • WordPress has a large list of wonderful plugins that add a tremendous amount of extra functionality that can be quickly and easily added to our customers sites. For example, ManageWP is a service that we use to ensure that your WordPress site is backed up on a regular basis, in addition to the daily backups that happen on our web servers. Another amazing plugin is, Gravity Forms. We use that plugin frequently because it allows us to make powerful yet simple online forms for our customers websites. The list goes on and on with plugins from custom slide shows to mobile site management and much much more. Click here to read even more about WordPress basics!
  • As if WordPress is not good enough we pair the power of WordPress within a framework called Genesis, by StudioPress one of the leading WordPress companies in the world. Learn a little bit more about this framework by clicking here. This framework is much like adding a high performance kit to an already great motor! Beyond some of the great functionality it adds it also provides an exceptional search engine optimization solution that makes it easy for your site to be read by the search engines.
  • If you are worried that this is a passing fad, worry no longer. WordPress is dominating the web and at last count powered over 14% of the web and has a large list of notable users – We’re no strangers to WordPress either and over the last couple of years we’ve developed and continue to develop WordPress sites for organizations of all sizes.
  • Click here for more information on WordPress, including a long list of feature explanations like, Great Commenting features, RSS Feeds, Search & Site Map functionality, Multiple Authors, Standards Compliance, Spam protection and so much more.

In Conclusion
One of the most important reasons for switching to WordPress is the fact that we have. Over the last few years, we have spent literally thousands of man hours working in the WordPress environment, and while not wanting to seem arrogant, we are passionate about this product and so we’ve made a commitment to strive to be brilliant WordPress professionals. Our team, combined with such great software is a win win for our customers, and at the end of the day, that’s what you’re looking for isn’t it?