Why your website needs a Privacy Policy

Finger touching electric lockHave you ever received one of those emails that informs you of a privacy policy update? What a silly question. Everyone has received around 900,000 of those messages. Let’s dive in and figure out what a privacy policy is and why you probably want or need to have one on your website.

What Is A Privacy Policy?

At its most basic level, a privacy policy is used to inform website visitors of what information you might be collecting and how you’re using it when they visit your site.

Why Is A Privacy Policy Important?

Builds trust – When you have a privacy policy, you build trust with your site visitors. A privacy policy is one of those things a visitor doesn’t notice when it’s missing. But when they see that link to your policy statement they are likely to trust your website a little more.

Legal requirement – Sundog isn’t here to tell you if you’re legally required to have a privacy policy on your website. If you’ve got visitors from California or the European Union, you probably need to have one.

3rd party requirement – In some cases, your website might use a product or service on the backend that requires you to have a Privacy Policy (looking at you, Google Analytics and Adsense). Nearly all of Sundog’s sites have Google Analytics installed. To remain compliant with Google’s Terms of Service, you need a privacy policy.

We have a Privacy Policy in the footer of our site. To check it out and see what’s included, just click here.