WordPress Used in DDoS Attack

WordpressAs part of our Managed Hosting and Annual WordPress Management Programs, Sundog Media monitors your website’s security constantly. Recently, online security researchers uncovered a distributed denial of service attack that used over 160,000 legitimate WordPress websites without the knowledge of their owners.

Upon learning of this security vulnerability, Sundog Media researched the issue and determined that for the vast majority of our hosted sites, disabling the pingback vulnerability at the theme/code level was the most secure option. The Sundog Team is in the process of updating all of our hosted sites over the next few weeks. To learn more about this security issue, check out Computer Weekly’s article here »

Are you covered by Sundog Media’s management plan? If you manage your own site and would like to know more about how we disabled pingbacks to secure our sites, drop us a line. If you’d like to enroll in our program so your site will be protected in the future, contact us.