Like many great businesses, Sundog Media began and grew from a dream, starting in a small garage next to our little 780 square foot house in a small Anchorage, Alaska neighborhood.


With our family size and business increasing, it became necessary to find a little bigger home. In 2006, we found a wonderful house just a couple of miles away that has a beautiful creek running through the backyard and amazing mountain views to inspire us.

After living in the house for about a year, we realized that it was necessary to remodel and create an even larger office space dedicated to the company.  The office needed a separate entrance for clients and a room for group meetings and for teams to come and collaborate on projects. So, now we have an amazing home office above our garage (instead of in it) and feel very blessed to be able to work from home. The construction of the office took place over a very special summer. It is quite a story and we would be glad to share it with you over a cup of freshly brewed coffee while viewing the creek at our office. We are especially thankful to all the friends that helped us build the office.

Today we are a fully distributed and remote team — all of the Sundog Media team members work from their own homes.