Some of our clients simply do not want to mess with managing their domain name and that is where we come in. We created a program we call “DOMAIN GOLD” where we register, monitor, manage and renew your domain names for you.



For our clients who realize domain management is a very important part of their web presence and recognize the value of having a company with an experienced web team to help with all aspects of their domain(s) – monitoring, managing, maintenance and on time renewal.


  • Private account setup.
  • If you already own the domain, we move it to
  • You, the client, are the Owner/Registrant.
  • Assurance domain activity is monitored and managed by people who understand it.
  • Sundog Media LLC is the contact for everything else.
  • Assurance Registrar messages are responded to when necessary.
  • Sundog Media LLC email for every contact.
  • Assurance that your domain name record and information are monitored and reviewed to maintain accuracy.
  • Delegated account access upon request ie. for your IT Person(s).
  • If your contact info changes, let us know. We will update your owner contacts.
  • Domain(s) registered (and ownership renewed automatically)
  • Domain remains locked to help prevent unauthorized changes.


Minimum, one time $150 account set-up fee
Plus $100 per domain name each subsequent year for non-Sundog hosted domains


  1. Management for the Domain Gold Service is performed/invoiced automatically unless we are notified at least 30 days in advance of renewal that you wish to discontinue service. There is no prorating for Domain Gold Service.
  2. If you choose to discontinue service, the domain is yours to do with as you wish. There is no refund for Domain Gold Service.


If you have the expertise and time, you can certainly register your domain name at the registrar of your choice. We prefer so that the interface we work with when managing our client’s domain names remains consistent for every domain we manage. If you’re a Sundog client, don’t have an internal IT team to manage your DNS changes and will need us to assist with DNS changes, please register your domain name(s) at is a reseller of GoDaddy.

Regardless of the registrar you choose, keep track of your username and password and keep your account and domain contact information up to date, especially the email contacts so you receive the ICANN and registrar notices. Most importantly, make sure you renew the domain name(s) before the expiration date to retain ownership.