Likely you have some stuff to sell. Whether it’s company bling or enrollment for an awesome class, we have you covered! We can’t build you an amazon store, but for basic e-commerce we have some great tools in our arsenal to meet your needs.

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Sundog’s niche is website design. When our clients sell items, accept payments, and receive donations, the payment processing is done by the gateway of their choice. We do partner with Shopify for client e-commerce stores. This partnership gives you the benefit and coding expertise of a vast number of developers and a support group with extensive troubleshooting experience. As design is our specialty, we help you set up your store and its management is a joint effort between you, us, and the Shopify support community. If you already have a store, such as Ecwid, we can incorporate it into your new website. Remember, troubleshooting an e-commerce store is always a joint effort where your team may need to reach out to their community for shop support.

With any website, there are times when hosting goes down and a store or payment gateway will not be available. Both Shopify and WPEngine (website hosting) have a history of over 99% uptime. Each Sundog website Service Plan has uptime monitoring and we strive to respond quickly if a site goes down. However, if you choose to receive payments online or your site goes down for a period of time, choosing Sundog means you agree that Sundog will not be held responsible for any loss of income. You accept the risk that your item(s) may not always be available for sale online. We do our best to minimize potential downtime, but keep in mind that you may need to select a larger team specializing in e-commerce if:
• The majority of your sales are already e-commerce.
• Having your store go down for any period of time is unacceptable.
• Your store has a significant number of products.
• E-commerce is your main source of income. 

Sundog’s team attempts to respond to all questions and concerns, but we are limited by size, time and knowledge. Not all needs occur during Sundog’s team hours of 9am – 5pm M-F Alaska time. Sure, our uptime monitoring means we could (and often do) actually fix an issue before you even realize it occurred, but 24/7 support is not feasible. We work hard to meet your needs, but at times you will have to reach out to the store support community.

As the store owner, your store is your responsibility. If we assist with entry, we try to ensure all information and pricing are accurate and the system is working correctly but we depend on you. Your team must verify the information is accurate and the store is functioning properly. Store owners must test the system and understand how it works. You or your team will, at least periodically, need to review the entries from the back end to ensure you are receiving orders and notices. Lastly, but just as important, Sundog is not responsible for making certain you collect or charge the appropriate state and local taxes.

A website designed by Sundog will have an appropriate title, description, keywords, heading tags, alt labels, and keywords within the body text in such a way that search engines index them favorably but we do not guarantee search engine placement. If you desire better ranking or assistance in this area we can refer you to a company that specializes in search engine optimization or SEO.

  1. Product Photos, Pricing and Descriptions
    Decide on how many items you wish to sell at the start. Write up a concise product name and description. Set each item’s price as well as any applicable product categories, attribute tags, linked products and shipping cost. All this is necessary for an online store. Quality photos of the items you sell is highly recommended. If you do not have the ability to take the photos and are in Anchorage, we do have a photographer on staff and may be able to provide you a photography bid.
  2. Free Estimate
    Once you have reached this point, request a free estimate by completing this form.

We look forward to hearing about your website and e-commerce needs.


Great Plans To Fit Your Needs


2-3 update requests per year

1-2 business days response


1-2 update requests per month

1-2 business days response


5 update requests per month

1-2 business days response


Let’s talk!
5+ update requests per month or multiple sites.

1-2 business days response


Enrollment Requirements

To have an E-Commerce service plan with Sundog, your store will have been built by Sundog utilizing the Shopify solution.

Realistic Expectations

We truly do our best to help make your store a success but we are not e-commerce hosting nor payment gateway specialists. Using our team means you agree to not hold Sundog liable for downtime, inaccuracy of product detail, shipping, taxes or potential loss of income. Read our E-Commerce Service Plan expectations and goals here.

What Constitutes an Update Request

An update request is a single change or list of changes you’d ask us to make to your store – submitted in one Basecamp message.

What If We Have More Requests Than Our Plan Allows?

It’s an annual service plan and your update requests each month will likely differ. For instance, if you have the E-Commerce SIMPLE plan and you have three requests in a month instead of the two allotted, no worries, next month you’ll probably have just one. If it turns out you continually submit more than your plan allotment, we’ll bump you up to the next level if needed. Count on the fact that we will be flexible and fair. We really want you to keep your store up to date. Both your customers and Google love seeing fresh content! Our goal with this program is to make it very easy for you to request updates and feel confident they will get completed in a fast, friendly and professional manner.

Turnaround Time

Requests typically have a 1-2 day turnaround. We will always respond when we receive the request. If you don’t hear from us in a timely manner, it’s unusual so please reach out to us again. If we need more clarification, if it will take more time than our typical turnaround or, possibly, requires a separate bid because of the scope of the request, we will let you know.


Our goal is to give you a response within an hour of receiving your request. To achieve this we have a dedicated customer support team member on standby 9am-5pm Monday through Friday Alaska time, and we make every effort to complete update requests within 1-2 business days.

Uninterrupted Service – Renewal

Your E-Commerce Service Plan will continue uninterrupted with a recurring invoice emailed to you just prior to the annual renewal date. This allows us to provide uninterrupted, fast, friendly and first-class service. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Refund Policy – How You Can Cancel

Annual website service plans have a minimum commitment of six months. We, of course, will do our best to provide you with such amazing value you’ll never want to leave! But, if you do wish to leave Sundog for any reason, we will help all we can to make the transition to your new service provider as smooth as possible, and we will miss you! If you cancel any time in the first six months of your annual contract, we will refund 50% of your annual fee. If you terminate our services during the second half of your contract year, then upon request we’ll send your refund prorated for the months/service remaining in your paid annual plan.

Fair Both Ways – How We Can Cancel

The entire goal of an E-Commerce Service Plan is to give us the freedom to provide friendly, professional support and be a part of your team for years to come. Sometimes, however, we learn that we are not a match for a client’s needs, and much like we learned in kindergarten, it’s just best not to play together. If we determine we want to discontinue the service for whatever reason, we will give you notice and work with you to make a smooth transition to a new web team. We’ll also pro-rate an invoice or refund for the months remaining on your paid plan once the transition is complete.

How Many Hours Do I Get?

Our E-Commerce service plan program is not based on hours of service provided. It’s based upon the number of update requests. In fact, as a rule, we don’t even track time per customer. We simply aim to provide valuable and timely service. However, it sometimes helps folks to relate by using hours – so, our programs would roughly translate into the following: LITE = up to 3 hours per year, SIMPLE = up to 12 hours per year, PRO = up to 20 hours per year.

Do I Have To Have a E-Commerce Service Plan?

It’s your store! If you don’t need any management assistance from us, then a service plan is not required.

You Get Us

A team that feels personally responsible for every website in our care.


Small Print

Limitation of Liability; Disclaimer of Warranties:  Although there are limitations to the guarantees we can provide, your satisfaction is very important to us. Please read and understand our limits of liability before engaging in our services. Although we work hard for your website’s optimal performance and security, we did not build the Shopify software and are only setting up and providing support within their solution. For this reason, we do not represent, guarantee or warrant that the functions contained in these web pages or internet website will be will be uninterrupted, error-free, free from loss, corruption, attack, viruses, interference, hacking, or other security intrusions, and Sundog Media LLC disclaims any liability relating thereto. We are also not responsible when our client attempts to update the website or store, and damages the design or impairs the ability for the web page or store to display or function properly. If an issue does arise, however, you can count on us to work along with you to find a good resolution.