Whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning a website, we pride ourselves on crafting brilliantly designed websites that drive your customers to action.

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1. Our approach

All our custom website projects are a team collaboration that includes strong user-interface designers and developers. This combination of strengths and skills results in a well-designed website that both functions efficiently and looks great.

2. Things we consider

The entire Sundog Media team takes a lot of things into consideration as we build your custom website.

  • Tailored to reach your target audience.
  • Action-oriented structure. Buy Now, Apply Now, or Get Started are a few examples of action opportunities.
  • Review and research about your industry and message for clarity.
  • Ease and consistency of navigation.
  • Consistency of design relative to any current branding you have established – your company ‘personality’ is front and center.
  • We’ll keep the design as simple as possible – crisp, clean, and elegant.
  • Careful and subtle use of bells and whistles.
  • Attention to accessibility.
  • Quality control – our extensive checklists are developed with over 25 years of experience designing hundreds of sites.


The internet doesn’t just sit on your desk anymore; it’s probably in your pocket, on your coffee table, in your lap. Like a cup of coffee, the sizes range from Venti/Grande to extra, extra small. A website that looks perfect on the desktop might be hard to read on a small screen. In fact, it might be unusable, sending roughly half of all internet users away from your site.

We make sure that your website will automatically re-size and function properly within the majority of modern smaller screens and devices, making your site truly mobile

4. features

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We are so confident that we will create a web design you absolutely love that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Pretty simple really – we stay with it until you are 100% satisfied. If at any point you feel we cannot create a design that properly represents you, then simply request a refund. Once the site design has been approved the refund is no longer applicable but you can count on our team to work hard for your complete satisfaction.

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