IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari – Does It Matter Which One You Use?

Internet explorer, firefox, chrome, safari - does it matter which one you use?All browsers do one obvious thing, they present the internet to you. So does it matter which one you use? Unless you’re an uber-geek the answer is not really.

According to some statistics Internet Explorer is the predominate browser, over 80% of people around the world use it as their browser of choice. Does that make it better than other browsers? No, of course not. The reason why people use Internet Explorer as their browser is because it comes installed on just about every PC manufactured with a Windows operating system. And most ordinary folks don’t spend a lot of time worrying about which browser they use…they just wanna click on their browser button and get online!

The one thing you need to do to ensure that you are getting the most out of your browser and the internet is to keep your browser updated! Why is that important? Because browser manufacturers are always finding new ways to improve it, to protect it from malicious attacks, and to facilitate a smooth browsing experience. Plus, companies like ours are always striving to utilize the latest internet technologies, and older browsers sometimes don’t respond well to that.

Sadly, I still chat with clients who ask me questions like, “Why doesn’t this look right?” and “How come this doesn’t work?” Then I find out that they haven’t upgraded their browser in years.

Keeping your browser upgraded is essential and a lot of them, like Mozilla’s Firefox for instance, will upgrade your browser automatically if you wish it. So do yourself a favor. Upgrade your browser today. Here’s some links to the most common browsers to help you on your way:

Upgrade your Internet Explorer
Upgrade your Mozilla Firefox
Upgrade your Safari
Upgrade your Chrome