February 2024 Newsletter

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Snowbird Dreams

It is supposed to reach -20 degrees this week, and I have to admit I am starting to wonder why I did not follow the geese down south last Fall.

As we sit by the fireplace having our coffee, Cathy and I have spent quite a bit of time dreaming about heading down somewhere warmer once the dark and cold of winter arrive. For now, with triplet 14-year-olds at home going to school and active with church and friends, this dream will have to remain firmly in our imaginations. However, I did surmise that the day they turn 18, which happens to be in December not many years away, we will be kissing them on the cheek and saying “have a great winter, Mom and I are heading south”. In reality, of course, we might not abandon them the last semester of their senior year – but it’s coming!

Even with the extreme cold, it makes me happy and gives me peace to look at the amazing mountains from my office windows with awe and wonder for God’s creation. And when Cathy and I become gray-haired snowbirds, we will continue to fly north to Alaska, the home we love.

Stay warm my fellow Alaskans, and God Bless –


“Both day and night belong to You (God); You made the starlight and the sun. You set the boundaries of the earth, and You made summer and winter.”

Psalm 74:16-17 ‭NLT

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