Happy Thanksgiving Month!

Happy thanksgiving month!

With Cathy pregnant with triplets, all boys mind you, we have been joking quite a bit about how it looks as if she has swallowed a turkey. This, of course, is more appropriate now that it is November and Thanksgiving is just a short time away.

Usually I try to share some exciting new work we have just completed (and there has been quite a bit) or some wonderful new technology that you might consider to market your business but, this month I just wanted to take a moment and share a short list of both personal and professional thanks that Cathy and I have.

• Although I have to admit trepidation at being 41 years old with triplets on the way, our most obvious thanks is that we are going to be adding 3 boys to our family and that we will have 7 stockings hanging from the mantle of the fireplace this Christmas.

• I am thankful for the freedom and safety we have in this Country and for those who risk their lives to keep it that way.

• I am thankful for my family’s good health.

• I am thankful for the business that God has given us, great customers, and a team that make it worthwhile to get up each day to serve the community and each other and continue to challenge ourselves to grow in the exciting career path we have chosen.

So, on behalf of the Sundog Media team, I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving month. And, as you are enjoying your turkey this year, we would appreciate your prayers for the delivery of 3 healthy baby boys. In fact I know we are getting close because Cathy’s belly button has already popped out and I think that means they are almost done cooking.

Joe Law