Jeni Leidenfrost

Director of Design & Development

Jeni is our Sundog planner and project manager. Her technical writing and management skills bring peace to our projects. You can read Jeni’s story below.

“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

– Jim Elliot

Part of the Sundog team since February, 2010 – My Sundog story began over 25 years ago. Cathy and I were roommates in college. Joe and my husband were friends when they were kids, and owned their first business (a house painting company) together. We all remained friends after Joe and Cathy moved to Alaska, so it was natural, after so many years of working together in various capacities, to come aboard Sundog Media and lend a hand where needed. I love working for people and a company who have such integrity and deep appreciation for family. It’s really good to be able to be proud of both my employer and the amazing websites we produce. It’s been a tremendous learning experience for me, as I have become proficient in all things technical including domain management, hosting terminology, everything WordPress, BaseCamp, AirTable – all the tools we use to create, build, maintain and protect websites are acquired skills for me, a naturally analog person.

Having come to technology from the outside in, I have a unique understanding of what it is to NOT know the technical jargon used by our digital proficients. It’s important to me to be able to translate the technical explanations into normal words so anyone can understand what they need to know about their website. 

I have only visited the beautiful (and enormous) state of Alaska for a total of about a week. However, I can see how my dear friends have fallen in love with the fascinating people, engaging culture, and stunningly beautiful landscapes. I experience Alaska through each local website we create and really enjoy getting to know every client and business through their projects.

My primary memorable experience is combat fishing on the Kenai, and the amount of bear sign we passed hiking in to the river. Also, the GIANT mosquitoes which appear to be almost prehistoric in size and appetite. Very exciting!

My favorite activities include reading, baking, gardening, and organizing everything I can get my hands on. Moving a messy (or neglected) space or project from disorganization to a beautiful and functional thing is so satisfying to me! It was an epiphany to me that this also includes websites, so directing our design and development projects is my absolute favorite thing as a part of the Sundog team. I also do a little writing. I’ve had a children’s picture book published, Little Mouse Finds a Friend, and am continuing to work on that and other book series. When I do editing work for Sundog Media, my writing style of meticulous attention to detail and nuance comes into play.

In my free time, I really am inspired by serving others who are doing great work, and help out with a variety of non-profits in our community. Building websites is wonderful, but temporary. It seems to me that building up people is an investment that increases in value over time.

To be honest, I was a little reticent about working for friends at first. If things don’t work out it can really wreck an irreplaceable relationship. But Joe talked me into a helping out just a few minutes a week, and then it became an hour, and now I work a lot. Joe and Cathy are very easy to work with and I have never had a moment of regret. I also really enjoy working with all the talented people on our team. They amaze me every day with the things they can accomplish in a website design.

On a professional level, my team members inspire me with their skill and dedication, so that I want to, every day, become better at what I do. My husband and children are my frontline encouragement for my writing and service to others. But primarily, as a follower of Christ, my inspiration comes from constant amazement at who God is and what He has created. I believe every person is precious and irreplaceable, that every moment is another opportunity for joy. Life is always an adventure for me.