Lily Leidenfrost

Customer Care / Junior Designer

“As long as you’re learning, you’re not failing.”

– Bob Ross

I’ve had the joy of being an honorary Sundog for a lot of my life, and have always looked up to my mom for her work here. So, when the opportunity to work with her and the rest of the Sundog Team, it was naturally a ‘yes’.

I’ve only visited the state of Alaska twice, both times with Jeni (my mom). But both times I’ve been enthralled by the beauty of God’s creation that is Alaska. I would love to return to experience more of our largest state and to see the aurora borealis in person.

One of my core memories is sleeping in the closet at Uncle Joe and Aunt Cathy’s house with the dog when we went up to help around when the triplets were born.

I play a LOT of volleyball. School, club, indoor, outdoor, beach, grass, you name it, I play it. I’ve always enjoyed crafts and making things with my hands. Along with this, I plan to explore the realm of graphic design while here at Sundog. I also love to explore the outdoors, especially with my dog, Mackenzie, and with friends. One of my biggest love languages is quality time. Whether my friends and I are out and about going thrift shopping, or we’re just laying on the floor in a sleep-deprived craze, I’m content.

After working for several years at an animal hospital, I was ready for a change of pace. I’ve grown up hearing from my mom about the community within Sundog, and it was always something that I knew I’d love to be a part of.

I get my inspiration from friends, teammates, and coaches that have been placed in my life. The talent and skill that have been displayed to me by the various volleyball teams I’ve been a part of over the years, inspire me to work hard with determination. The joy and passion that friends and classmates have shown, inspire me to live life with a grateful heart and see God’s glory through it all.

I also draw inspiration from my family. Each of my family members has a different skill set – but when we all come together, especially at meals, each person’s skills not only shine in themselves, but also magnify the beauty of the other things that people bring to the table.