Website Hosting, Not Email

Sundog Media is a small, family-owned Alaskan-based web design company. We focus on maintaining, managing, and designing great mobile-friendly, WordPress websites. Each website we design and maintain is tailored to reach our clients’ target audience with a clear call to action making it easy for the website visitor to discover their services or products.

Sundog’s specialty is website design, and we love it! Email, however, is a completely different animal. Handling email service requires an entire set of resources that should be specialized, not just one of many services, and we have elected to focus on what we do best.

That’s why we encourage clients with email at their domain to use a reputable and reliable specialized email service such as:

  • Google Workspace is one of the best email services we know of. Google Mail has a lot of features for a great price and allows you to use your own domain name. Many of our clients use Google Workspace and you can easily add your Google MX records with just a few clicks.
  • Microsoft Outlook, part of Microsoft 365, is another reliable email service that you can set up to use with your custom domain.

Our best email tip: Setting the name servers at the Registrar to default, then pointing the appropriate DNS records to your website and email hosting reduces downtime to a minimum and makes troubleshooting the rare instance of downtime much easier for both the email and website hosts.

Thanks for choosing Sundog to design, maintain, and manage your website! We wish you the best with your website experience.