Are you neglecting the images on your website?

Our Sundog team designs dozens of websites every year, and in our experience, many clients underestimate the value of great quality images – often providing old, small, or blurry photos that repeat throughout their pages, or they license stock photos that don’t enhance their brand or truly represent their products and services.

Good bad image

Choosing the correct images is vital to your successful online presence, and here’s why:

  • People don’t read, they scan. The stronger message you can convey with an image, the more impact it will have on your audience, and it will be more memorable. The statement “a photo is worth a thousand words” is true for a reason!
  • Images can evoke emotion, and that’s a great tool for a call to action.
  • High quality photography can improve your search engine rankings.

We understand that producing your own professional photography can be time consuming, but in the end, it will be worth the investment, and it doesn’t have to break your budget.

If you need recommendations, our team photographer, Monica Whitt, can give you some tips on taking good photos (even with your iPhone) and she can collaborate with you in creating an extensive library of custom images for your company. You can see some examples of her work on websites such as Bauer Construction, Grace Christian School and Harry J McDonald Memorial Center. If you are interested, you can reach her directly at

Monica whitt
Monica Whitt taking photos at Glen Alps.