Before & After – working out with Sundog Media!

Before & after - working out with sundog media!I happen to workout with a couple of really fit guys and when it comes to optimum body types it has been pointed out that I am the before body type of the group while they, of course, are the after bodies! So as I spent time on the stair-stepper recently I was struck by the parallels between getting that before and after body with how Sundog Media is also in the business of before and after. We love to take out of shape websites and give them a good workout – turning them into perfect website specimens that’ll turn heads and make their owners proud to display to the world!

If only there was a wonderful magic pill to do it for us, right? You know the one I’m talking about – you take it right before bed with a dish or three of ice cream and you magically loose weight and tone up while you’re sleeping. I know I’m not the only one wishing for that! But sadly, as we know all too well, attaining a perfect body, or a perfect website for that matter, isn’t as easy as swallowing a pill – you have to start with some hearty goals and then follow through with them – hard work and all!

To achieve something great I feel that sometimes it helps to set some almost unattainable goals and so once again I’m overdoing it a bit in that department this year! In a moment of insanity I signed up for an obstacle race called the Tough Mudder – The event is happening in just a few short weeks on February 9th in southern California. And while I have been doing my best to train I am woefully in over my head. The good thing is that much of the money raised goes to the Wounded Warrior Project but the problem for me personally, is that I’ve never really ran more than a 3 mile race in my whole life and this is 10-12 mile race with 20+ insane obstacles – including shock therapy (don’t ask)!

So as of this writing, this is quite possibly an unattainable goal for me (I’ll write a follow up after what I’m sure will be a long recovery after the race) but I’m totally motivated, psyched and thrilled to give it a try! Because that’s what goals should do. Whether you’re improving your physical well-being by sticking to a fitness regime or trying to attain a quality website, you start with a motivating goal, and you follow it through with hard work, tenacity and dedication. Because as the old axiom goes – no pain, no gain, right?

This year, when you’re setting your website goals, remember to shoot for the unattainable and ask the Sundog Media team to help you achieve your website needs! Think of our team as your own personal trainers! We’ll get your site into shape with good planning, creativity and a collaborative approach that’ll help you attain the unattainable! So please give us a call or an email and let’s set some goals together!

On behalf of the Sundog Media team I want to wish you the very best this new year and thank you for your patronage, your friendship and for simply sharing in this journey called life. If anyone wants to be part of my Tough Mudder team in February just let me know and I will get you the info! 🙂


Joe Law

P.S. This after version of this article was handled by our very own buff writer, David Duplessis.