Cathy’s Heart & God’s Mercy

For our Sundog Family – We want to let you know that while competing in a racquetball tournament in Portland this week, Cathy suffered a full cardiac arrest. Thankfully, Joe is trained in CPR, was right there when it happened and was able to keep compressions going for the 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived. That was Wednesday – today Cathy is awake! God is great and He is healing her quickly, providing a great team of paramedics, nurses, doctors and a battalion of friends and family praying and supporting them from every distance.

Cathy and terri on court
Cathy and teammate Terri

We thank God for His mercy that Cathy is with us and healing well – and expects to be back in FULL SWING (Joe’s pun intended here) very soon.

Expect a few delays from the Sundog team as we adjust to this unexpected twist, but overall we anticipate being able to continue to deliver the great service you enjoy and that Joe and Cathy have envisioned from the beginning.

Thank you for your prayers – please keep praying! We will keep you posted.