Don’t panic, it’s okay if people have to scroll on your website!

It's okay to scroll!Do folks have to vertically scroll a bit to see all of your website content? It’s okay. Really. Don’t worry. Vertical scrolling is everywhere, from Amazon and eBay to news sites and more!

There’s a lot of content online, and it simply cannot always fit “above the fold” to use old printers parlance. Occasionally we receive concerned queries regarding websites that make visitors scroll vertically. And we tell them, look it’s okay, just because you have to scroll, doesn’t necessarily mean other people are scrolling as well. The first thing to understand is that what you are seeing on your monitor is not necessarily what others are seeing on their monitors. There are a plethora of variables involved, from monitor sizes and resolutions to font settings, color settings, and let’s not forget we aren’t even talking about all of the many mobile devices and applications on the market either!

Here’s just a few really good articles that talk about scrolling and above the fold thinking:

    The second thing to understand is that we take many of those variables into consideration when we design your website. We check it and test it in a variety of monitor sizes/resolutions and we also offer responsive design services for mobile devices as well!

    So don’t worry, be happy – and let your website scroll!