Embracing Change, Crying My Eyes Out

Caleb 2Today my oldest flies out to college and I am filled with a mixture of pride and sadness. He’s the first one of our 5 sons to leave the nest. Change is hard but it also brings about opportunities. Tons for Caleb, and for Cathy, and me, and who knows — a Daughter-in-law one day? Grandkids? Ha!

With life and business, though, I’ve found it’s important to be able to embrace change. In fact, as the leader of a web design company, I’m increasingly comfortable with this reality and aggressively look for ways that change can bring improvement to our services. Let’s face it, websites and the web are changing at a pretty crazy rate! Here at Sundog we always strive to be just near the bleeding edge, especially when it benefits our clients. When it’s time to upgrade our server, or switch to the latest WordPress version, or utilize a plugin that will bring benefits to our clients we are very quick to embrace the change and look to continue to add more value.

Thanks to all of you, our brilliant clients, for allowing us to continue to serve you. And, in case you were wondering, Caleb will be on the swim team at McKendree University in Illinois.

We’re excited to see how our son embraces this change and all the exciting possibilities in front of him. Possibilities, not only for him but for all of us.

Joe Law