Excited to Work with the Northwest Arctic Borough


Northwest Arctic Borough (NAB) is the second largest borough in Alaska, comprising approximately 39,000 square miles along the Kotzebue Sound, Wullik, Noatak, Kobuk, Selawik, Buckland and Kugruk Rivers. This region has been occupied by Inupiat people for at least 10,000 years. “Kikiktagruk” was the hub of ancient arctic trading routes. The population of the community consists of 85.8% Alaska Native or part Native. NAB population is primarily Inupiat Eskimo, and subsistence activities are a vital part of the lifestyle. Residents rely on caribou, reindeer, beluga whale, birds, four species of seals, berries, greens and fish.Nw arctic borough

We are excited to be working with the Northwest Arctic Borough to design and implement their new, mobile-friendly website!