Happy Finter

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The tundra reacts to the weather in remote Alaska
It’s that time of year again! With termination dust on the mountains and the trees turning glorious yellow, it seems to have arrived earlier than last year. But we’re Alaskans and are used to the unexpected. We just combine Fall and Winter and get “Finter”.
Here at the Law household, we have begun the Finter process and it looks something like this: Firewood alongside the house, Christmas lights starting to go up, snow tires rolled out and ready to put on, raking and more raking, and we are even going to put up those heater wires on our roof so we don’t have an ice jam again this year.
After almost a quarter of a century living in Alaska, you would think extreme weather wouldn’t surprise me every year. Finally, though, it has dawned on me – why don’t we just follow the geese south? With triplet 11-year-olds in school, being a full-time snowbird is many years away. Instead, we are planning a longer work/vacation (workation?) to Florida in January and already have 1-way tickets! For us that means it’s only three months till summer. : )
Have a safe and blessed Finter!
Joe Law