Happy Thanksgiving from the Sundog team!

Cathy Law models Joe’s new desk.

I have so many things to be thankful for but right now I am actually thankful for my standing desk.  For 20 years I have sat on my butt while working and this year as I turned 50 I decided no more, well at least not as much and I got a bit carried away and ordered a desk from https://www.autonomous.ai and had an awesome live edge 6’ plank made for the top by https://www.facebook.com/akgoodwood/

I could have bought a regular desktop but I am getting more joy than I thought, working on this beautiful piece of wood that came from Africa.  In fact, I hope our customers that could certainly choose from many more off-the-shelf website solutions get the same joy from the custom websites we focus on here at Sundog.  OK, I love my family and all that stuff 🙂 but really this desk is cool and I am looking forward to years ahead spending more time standing and being thankful for all the blessing God has certainly provided.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Joe Law