“What do I do? I can’t re-size or crop my pictures!!”

I don't have any image editing software so i can't re-size or crop my pictures!Well that’s not good is it? Take a deep breath, and don’t pull your hair out! We actually hear that quite a bit when we’re training one of our clients on how to use and edit their new WordPress website.

The majority of us in this industry use Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator to do all of our graphic/photo creation and manipulation. But if you’re like most people, spending a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on software you’re going to use perhaps once a week to crop a photo isn’t very cost effective, is it?

So we went looking for some good and reasonably priced alternatives, and lo and behold we found quite a few online products that’ll do the trick and the best part is – they’re Free!

Free Online Photo/Graphic Editing Services:

Pixlr, is very similar in style to Adobe Photoshop actually. You can create new graphics, edit and crop photos from your computer, your website, your Flickr, Picasa and Facebook accounts, and more. Have a look >>

Aviary toolsAviary Tools.
Besides having a great editing tool in their arsenal, they have a plethora of other free online tools that might be of interest. They offer audio editing, music creation, a swatch editor for finding just the right color, and quite a bit more. Have a look >>

So the next time you have want to edit or crop an image, don’t despair! Give one of those editors a spin and you’ll be able to edit your images like a pro in no time!