Is It Time For A Website Refresh?

Refresh website

If it has been 3-4 years since your site was created, it is likely time for an update. Please take a look at what is included in our refresh plan below and consider a modern, mobile-friendly website as one of your goals this year.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not just a facelift of your current site. This is a brand spanking new website from the ground up. We bring over all your important content, photos, sitemap and so forth, but it will be imported into a new modern and mobile-friendly WordPress website. And, of course, we’ll add in all of the updated information and new photos you’ve been meaning to put up there.


The internet doesn’t just sit on your desk anymore. It’s in your pocket, on your coffee table, and in your lap. Like a cup of coffee, screen sizes range from Venti/Grande to extra, extra small. A website that looks perfect on the desktop might be hard to read on a small screen. In fact, it might be downright unusable, sending roughly half of your internet users away from your site. We make sure your website will automatically re-size and function properly within the majority of modern smaller screens and devices, making your site truly mobile!

Sometimes, even though your site is older, it still has a fairly strong design and only needs some minor design updates. Other times, so much has changed in the world of technology, or it has been so long, that you are in need of a more comprehensive redesign to align with modern technology, design trends, and your current branding. Our team will work with you to determine the most advantageous path for your website. If it is time for a redesign, you will enjoy our 100% satisfaction guarantee and unlimited revisions until you love the fresh design. How can you go wrong?

If your website is an older HTML site that is not running on WordPress, then for sure it is time for a refresh. We love WordPress and is truly the number one content management system on the planet — used by over 40% of all websites on the internet!

The use of HTTPS and SSL used to be optional… well, not anymore. It’s now a requirement that  protects the integrity and confidentiality of your users’ data. Google has revealed they give a ranking boost to secure HTTPS sites, and we could all use that! Your refreshed website will be securely encrypted and have that locked padlock icon showing next to your website address in the browser URL bar.

• HTML5 & CSS3
HTML5 is the current web standard, providing state-of-the-art technologies, including native handling of video and audio. HTML5 works closely with CSS3, the latest standard for stylesheets which handle your site’s design, layout, and mobile-responsiveness.

Upgrading your website to the latest code standards will allow us to markedly reduce accessibility issues and errors. We use the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool to find and fix any errors your site may have. Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use your website, using their own hardware or software specific to their challenges. More on WAVE

Our team will review and ensure your Google Analytics is set up properly, and monthly custom reports are coming your way upon request.

– We will ensure your site is using the latest and most secure versions of WordPress, Plugins, and PHP
– We fix any broken links you might have.
– We spellcheck your website and fix the typos.
– We optimize for a quick load time — no one likes to wait!
– We review your current plugins and make sure best ones are being used and prune what is not needed.

Now is the time to change out any outdated text content and freshen up your photos. If you need a little help with your wording, just let us know.

Your refreshed site will be tested within the most popular modern browsers, operating systems and devices to ensure that it is operational for the majority of internet users.

Every site we tackle is run through an extensive quality-control checklist that has been developed and improved upon since 1996. From creating the cool little favicon (a small icon used by browsers to identify a bookmarked website) to more crucial details like properly incorporating headings for better search engine optimization, we make sure to implement the best industry practices and processes that ensure a quality product.

So how about it? Is a brand new, mobile-friendly website on your business checklist? If so, please contact us and we will review your site and get a proposal your way!

Joe Law