Pay As You Go Program

Most of our customers love being enrolled in one of our Website Content Maintenance Plans.  Just the fact that they can budget a fixed cost for their year’s updates, technical changes or fixes, as well as interact on a consistent basis with the Sundog team to keep their website up to date makes it worthwhile.

However, some customers have the majority of their maintenance and support completely under control in house and only occasionally need help or support from our team or have a project that would fall outside of our typical content maintenance plan support.  Our Pay As You Go Program is one way we tackle these requests.

Who Is It For:

  • Customers who at minimum, host with us.
  • Customers who do not need a Website Content Maintenance Plan because they only anticipate occasional support, maintenance or technical request.
How Does It Work:
  • Within Basecamp, outline in clear detail the maintenance or support needed and provide any assets necessary to complete the task.
  • Your account manager will review your request and give you a fixed price and timeline for completion of the request.
  • Any creep in scope, additional changes requested, may result in additional fees being applied.

Minimum Cost:

$200 prepaid.

Please note, Sundog Media LLC does not provide hourly website maintenance and support.  However to arrive at the cost, we will evaluate how much time we believe it will take.