SSL For Everyone

Lock with text ssl securedWhat is better than SSL encryption for your WordPress website? FREE SSL encryption! One sure-fire way to tell whether your site is SSL encrypted is the nifty locked icon next to your site’s name in the browser address bar.

Paul has been working tirelessly over the past few months to improve your website’s security through SSL encryption (HTTPS) at no additional cost to you.

Our goal is to have every WordPress customer SSL secure by early March.

What does SSL encryption mean?

SSL encryption provides critical security and data integrity for both your website and your users’ personal information. In addition, the internet’s standards bodies, web browsers and the internet community at large are beginning the process of actively preferring secure connections.

Why SSL?

Intruders both malignant and benign exploit every unprotected resource between your website and your users. In addition to providing critical security and data integrity, SSL encryption is a requirement for many cutting-edge features and capabilities, and the cutting edge is where we want your site to be.

Browsers have begun marking plain HTTP sites as non-secure with the goal of establishing encryption as the standard. Sundog is at the leading edge of this shift and we are working hard to have every WordPress customer SSL secure by early March. If you have an older HTML site, it is time for a refresh and added security!

At Sundog, we are constantly striving to improve and upgrade our services to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. SSL for everyone with a WordPress site is a leap in that direction. Paul has been hard at work and we are excited to convert caffeine into SSL encryption for your website!