Website Video Made Easy

One of the most cutting-edge website features today is the inclusion of video. Videos allow you to communicate more clearly and in a more interesting way than any other medium. They allow you to convey a lot of content very quickly, and they showcase the personality of your business much better than bullet lists or long paragraphs ever can.

Video also brings its own challenges. Most servers aren’t set up to store or manage the large amount of data in videos, nor are they able to sufficiently protect your video from hacks. Trying to store and transmit video in the wrong place can slow your site and create major problems. The solution is easy: third-party accounts.

Both and are proven services which allow you to create an account and upload, store, and access your video. Once your video is uploaded, it is easy to embed that video right into your website.

This solution is so proven and effective that we require our customers with video to protect themselves by having a third-party account with or They allow for easy embedding options on your website without slowing it down for your visitors, and you’ll also enjoy the extra benefits of strategic marketing on another platform and increased SEO.

Are you ready to pull the trigger on website videos? Here is what to do:

  1. Head on over to and get yourself a Vimeo pro account (loads of extra features and no ads!).
  2. Let us know your account information and which video you would like to embed on your site.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of great communication on your cutting-edge website.
  4. NB: Video credit – Isaac Leidenfrost