A Psalm For You

A psalm for youThere has been a lot of talk recently about Alaska Airlines retiring prayer cards from meal trays. In fact, many people have been angry with the idea that the decision could have been made out of pressure to conform to a safer political correctness that does not step on the toes of other religions.

As a Christian, and one who has enjoyed these cards over the years, I am also sad to see them go but I thought I would take a little different direction with my reaction. I want to thank Alaska Airlines for 30 years of sharing uplifting Psalms on there meal cards. I see this as an opportunity to pick up the baton in a very small way by committing to sharing a Psalm or encouraging verse on our companies monthly newsletter from now on.

Some people might ask how is this relevant to a newsletter for a website development / marketing company and I would suggest that ones faith, passions and personal life have a great impact on ones company, customers and the lives of all who are touched by our services and products. To try and separate our spiritual life with our professional life seems counter productive to me and pushes us down a bland road of political correctness where everyone is afraid to have a strong belief or to share their beliefs in fear that it is not universally shared. In fact I would argue that being authentic to ones beliefs is very important.

So Alaska Airlines, I just want to thank you for the 30 years that you have shared the encouraging word of God. I believe it set your company apart and gave it an authenticity and richness that blessed many people.


Joe Law